Thursday, July 16, 2009

busy busy busy

Alot has happend since my last post!

I thought I would share my new growing belly with everyone!

19wks--getting a little rounder!

21 wks--our little one is growing so much!

We find out Monday if it is a little boy or girl! YAY!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok so life has been crazy, and well we have been busy...VBS has taken over Glencoe for the past two weeks...last week was all set up and prep and this week we are in full Australian Outback mode...Michael and I are doing the missions rotation, been pretty fun so just crack me up!!!  Still feeling good, God has blessed this pregnancy with NO SICKNESS!! Praise the Lord....alot is coming up, we are spreading the word about the school(praying for 50 students this next year), planning vacation to the lake in a few weeks, trying to sleep as much as possible and working 3 days a week....yes I AM BLESSED!

God is stretching me, and I am scared and excited to see exactly what He has for us in the next year! So much has changed since last year!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

been a while...

Sorry, i know it has been a while but honestly we have been busy or away! Summer so far has been really GOOD to us! 

We left for a little vacation up to the lake before memorial day, stayed, sat and relaxed(as my mother always says, "someone's gotta do it, so i guess it should be us")...headed home, stopped in St. Augie for lunch and a little more relaxation...

Finally back to work on wednesday, with new summer hours...YAY!...I will only be working Tuesday-Thursday and Michael has fridays off as well! So this weekend was awesome, three day weekends are the way to go!

Went to the Dr this morning, our little jelly bean is still growing and the heartbeat was as strong as ever! God is good!

I'll try and write more, i promise...but remember it is summer! SO BLESSED!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

time flies...

last night Michael led the prayer at our local Baccaularete(i cant spell) service so there was lots good-byes and memories and one thing that surprised me was the song that was sung at the end...yes...the one, the only "Friends are Friends Forever" by Michael W. Smith...i had to chuckle and think of the past conversations that were had on WFBU on this loverly song...HA HA HA!

This time of year is awesome, we are getting into the summer slower days, not any less work, just the pace at which it must be done...i am excited to see what this summer brings for our little growing family...drs appointments, vacations(lots of lake days), planning for the baby's room, visiting friends, maybe Sea World...things are always changing in the summer, and i for one and so excited!!!!

To those lazy days!!!!(Schools out in 6 days!!!! I sound like a kid)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

things are growing....

well this word means alot of different things to me these days...

1. my body is growing...i can see the difference but only had a few comments is crazy...
2. i have been growing spiritually...reading through the bible has just been really cool to read it all again, to become familiar with all of those stories...God has been showing me that they aren't just stories but someones realities...just normal people striving to be in right relationship with God
3. relationships...Michael and I have been just enjoying the fact of talking about new and exciting things that happen when you grow up: kids, possbilities of new homes, jobs and just everything...we have so enjoyed just loving each other...
4. my desire to be around family...i miss all of them...i hate all of the things that we miss because of distance, but love when we get to see all of many times i just say that i want my mommy or daddy...hehe...i know im a whimp...but i miss them!!!
5. my love for cool photography...we got a new camera a few months ago and truly i have just enjoyed getting to know new angles, new techniques and playing with shadows....VERY COOL!

these are just a few things that i have noticed are growing....summer months are coming and i know my desire for the lake and 'floatin' as my mama likes to say will grow...ill keep you posted...and pics of my growing belly will emerge...eventually....

Monday, May 4, 2009

(3.44 cm long!)

look at those little arms...

SIDE VIEW(UPSIDE DOWN)-head at bottom of screen and butt at the top

We are so excited and Blessed, everything looks normal and the heartbeat is strong !!!
 God is so good!

Friday, May 1, 2009

tired days...

these days i am just plain tired...thats all i can say...everyday i get up and need a nap within the hour...but i know that is normal...i should enjoy the excuse of sleeping...and i know...ENJOY SLEEP NOW because it will be a fleeting thing in the next few months....

God has been showing me alot through the book of Exodus...the Israelites after the exodus from egypt never really took the time to sit and realize the miracles that God was doing in front of their faces...I DON T WANT TO BE THAT WAY....i want to enjoy and relish in every little miracle that God does throughout our lives(and lately through being pregnant)...everyday is a new miracle for the little one growing inside of me...and i am still amazed that i get to be a part of this miracle....SO COOL!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well I read in my little pregnancy journal that our little ones lips are guess i dont really think of lips as something all that special, but they really are, these little things on our face allow us to give kisses, to encourage, to smile and show joy, to praise God and honor Him! They really are a miracle, and it is amazing to think that even though 'the little stewart' is only about an inch long, he/she can love our God with the mouth He has given him or her!

Feelin really good, tired of course and that little pooch is still there, but so far I think I love learning about this process that many call pregnancy but I have come to realize is just a plain ol' miracle!

Friday, April 24, 2009

now a days....

Well things now a days are pretty crazy. We are getting ready for summer, which means a whole new category of work. Preparing for next school year, summer activities, trips, conferences and not to mention getting ready for our new little one.  Life is crazy but God is good! We are certainly blessed! 

My clothes are now officially started not to fit right, a little snug here or cutting my circulation off there. This whole gaining weight for the baby is kinda playing with my head. Trying to be positive and I know it is for a miracle, but sometimes it is hard mentally!  I think I can see a little pooch in the front, but still think it just looks like a few extra pounds, not a little bundle!

I have been looking at baby slings, homemade baby food, strollers, cribs, etc. for a few weeks...this is so exciting to get to be blessed with this opportunity!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My first blog...

Well I started this to keep whomever wanted to be updated on our little story of life, pregnancy and all the fun in between. God has given us so much, Michael and I are so unworthy but praise Him often for His continued love and support! Our due date is still November 25, 2009! YAY, our little bundle will arrive ready for turkey!

More will come later!