Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rewind....the last months happenings!

This last month and half have, well.....been a whirlwind! It has been a crazy but awesome journey!

I will try to recap:

July 7-9:Beach Retreat with our youth(girls)....we took 8 girls, michael, emma, myself and my parents came along as our gracious and AMAZING chefs/emma-sitters! We had a great time! God showed His amazing grace and taught us of digging deeper into the Love letter of Gods Word! The weekend was a great way to begin our summer! And really helped us get to know our 'girls' more!!!

July 14-16: The next weekend I headed to OHIO...for the National Thirty One Conference! Boy....was it amazing! God showed up and well BLEW MY MIND! 8000+ Consultants singing God's praise....That is a company EVERY christian Woman would LOVE to work for! The weekend was filled with lots of Girl time, FREE stuff and many many laughs! Just what I needed! I am so excited and blessed to be a Thirty One Consultant, and really really want God to be glorified in all that I do with this Little Business!

July 21-23: The Stewarts headed west through Graceville(a walk down Memory lane) to Dothan Al...where we spent the weekend with friends from college! It was great to catch up and just have a relaxing, fun and enjoyable weekend among friends! Boy do we miss Josh and Cassidy(and Heidi their dog as well)!!!!

The last weekend Michael's Parents were supposed to come but were unable so we used that for a MUCH needed weekend at Home! We went to the Tallahassee Museum that friday and then hung around the house was great to be able to relax and just enjoy each other!

August has been a slower month but the end of it and beginning of Sept are picking up quickly! Our next few weeks include: a fundraiser Thirty One party for a good friend Lindsay/AlyaCottons adoption of little Josiah, Thirty One Party with my mom and Family, Michaels parents are coming for visit, Michael and I are heading to Tampa for Marriage retreat and we are hoping to visit Family down south as well! God has also given us many opportunities around town to love and get to know our youth more!

So many things to be thankful for....God is good...ALL THE TIME!