Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Ok so life has been crazy, and well we have been busy...VBS has taken over Glencoe for the past two weeks...last week was all set up and prep and this week we are in full Australian Outback mode...Michael and I are doing the missions rotation, been pretty fun so far...kids just crack me up!!!  Still feeling good, God has blessed this pregnancy with NO SICKNESS!! Praise the Lord....alot is coming up, we are spreading the word about the school(praying for 50 students this next year), planning vacation to the lake in a few weeks, trying to sleep as much as possible and working 3 days a week....yes I AM BLESSED!

God is stretching me, and I am scared and excited to see exactly what He has for us in the next year! So much has changed since last year!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

been a while...

Sorry, i know it has been a while but honestly we have been busy or away! Summer so far has been really GOOD to us! 

We left for a little vacation up to the lake before memorial day, stayed, sat and relaxed(as my mother always says, "someone's gotta do it, so i guess it should be us")...headed home, stopped in St. Augie for lunch and a little more relaxation...

Finally back to work on wednesday, with new summer hours...YAY!...I will only be working Tuesday-Thursday and Michael has fridays off as well! So this weekend was awesome, three day weekends are the way to go!

Went to the Dr this morning, our little jelly bean is still growing and the heartbeat was as strong as ever! God is good!

I'll try and write more, i promise...but remember it is summer! SO BLESSED!